About Us

In 1977, a group of Suffolk County’s leading veterinarians joined together to establish ANIMAL EMERGENCY SERVICE, P.C. The reason was simple: creating a strong connection between veterinarians and the emergency hospital produces a greater continuity of care for all of their patients. Today, we’re proud to have two exceptional emergency hospital locations in Commack and Selden. We feature the most comprehensive and compassionate professional emergency services, as well as continuous care for injured and critically ill animals. We also provide prompt relief for a wide variety of non-life threatening ailments and injuries that are nevertheless quite painful and of serious concern to a caring pet owner. Our fully trained office staff and technicians, and our experienced veterinarians, make sure that when you and your pet need us most, we are here for you.  We encourage you to visit our Facebook page.

 The New York Veterinary Specialty Center and Animal Emergency Services (Selden) are partnering to bring the outstanding surgeons of NYVSC to eastern Long Island. We want to give you and your pets the best surgical options possible. Surgeons will be at Animal Emergency Service’s Selden hospital every Wednesday to handle all of your specialty surgical needs. Call the Selden hotline for more info 631-465-9544.





A pet that has been hit by a car or other vehicle
• A pet that is having trouble urinating, or is not producing urine
• A pet that is having difficulty breathing
• A pet that is unwilling or unable to eat or drink
• A pet with a bite wound or burn injury
• A pet in shock - Signs of shock can include weakness, pale mucous membranes, cold extremities, and an abnormal heart rate
A pet with an abnormal heart rhythm
• A pet that is having trouble walking or does not have proper balance
• A pet with a high body temperature
• A pet having seizures
• A pet in a coma-like state

• A pet that has recently undergone surgery and is not recovering as well as would be expected